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What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

Goods in Transit Insurance protects against theft, loss or damage of goods whilst they are being transported from A to B by vehicle for business. This includes couriering goods for businesses, carrying out transportation for online retailers and one-off deliveries for customers.

Interestingly, Goods in Transit Insurance is different to ‘commercial vehicle insurance’ or ‘courier insurance.’ GIT insurance solely covers the contents/goods carried not the vehicle itself. Some courier insurance policies include an aspect of GIT cover – this is, however, only up to a certain amount. As the name suggests, GIT insurance only insures goods while they are ‘in transit’, not whilst they are in the vehicle stationed at the depot.

Is Goods in Transit insurance a legal requirement for all haulage businesses?

GIT insurance is essentially not required by law, however, in reality, any business offering transportation services or delivering goods would be sensible to purchase it. Most major customers insist on GIT insurance, in case the worst happens and lost/damaged goods need to be replaced.

So, what does Goods in Transit Insurance cover?

If goods, materials or cargo are stolen, lost or damaged in transit, claiming on Goods in Transit cover may make it possible to recover the lost costs. Sometimes, mislabelled items can result in delays, goods being delivered to the wrong addresses or wrong person. If a delivery cannot be completed successfully at the specified time, GIT insurance can enable the client to claim for the costs incurred to the business. Goods in Transit insurance can also cover items left in the vehicle overnight, providing the vehicle is parked in a secure place and fully locked.

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